The influence of application a simplified transformation model between reference frames ECEF and ECI onto prediction accuracy of position and velocity of GLONASS satellites

Robert Krzyżek, Bogdan Skorupa


In computational tasks of satellite geodesy there is a need for transformation of coordinates between reference frames ECEF – Earth Centered, Earth Fixed and ECI – Earth Centered, Inertial. Strict and simplified transformation models, which can be used in case of the position and velocity short-term predictions of GLONASS satellites, have been presented in this study. Comparison of the results of state vector components predictions of the GLONASS satellites, in dependence of the used transformation model, have also been presented. Accuracy of the prediction has been determined on the basis of the analyse of deviations of the predicted positions and velocities of GLONASS satellites from their values given in broadcast ephemeris.


broadcast ephemeris; transformation; ECEF; ECI; GLONASS

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