Towards reliable velocities of permanent GNSS stations

Janusz Bogusz, Anna Klos, Marta Gruszczynska, Maciej Gruszczynski


In the modern geodesy the role of the permanent station is growing constantly. The proper treatment of the time series from such station lead to the determination of the reliable velocities. In this paper we focused on some pre-analysis as well as analysis issues, which have to be performed upon the time series of the North, East and Up components and showed the best, in our opinion, methods of determination of periodicities (by means of Singular Spectrum Analysis) and spatio-temporal correlations (Principal Component Analysis), that still exist in the time series despite modelling. Finally, the velocities of the selected European permanent stations with the associated errors determined following power-law assumption in the stochastic part is presented.


GNSS; time series; noise analysis; velocities

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