Theoretical and applied research in the field of higher geodesy conducted in Rzeszow

Roman Kadaj, Tomasz Świętoń


Important qualitative changes were taking place in polish geodesy in last few years. It was related to  application of new techniques and technologies and to introduction of European reference frames in Poland. New reference stations network ASG-EUPOS, together with Internet services which helps in precise positioning  was created. It allows to fast setting up precise hybrid networks. New, accurate satellite networks became the basis of new definitions in the field of reference systems. Simultaneously arise the need of new software, which enables to execute the geodetic works in new technical conditions. Authors had an opportunity to participate in mentioned undertakings, also under the aegis of GUGiK, by creation of methods, algorithms and necessary software tools. In this way the automatic postprocessing module (APPS) in POZGEO service, a part of ASG-EUPOS system came into being. It is an entirely polish product which works in Trimble environment. Universal software for transformation between PL-ETRF89, PL-ETRF2000, PULKOWO’42 reference systems as well as defined coordinate systems was created (TRANSPOL v. 2.06) and published as open product. An essential functional element of the program is the quasi–geoid model PL-geoid-2011, which has been elaborated by adjustment (calibration) of the global quasi-geoid model EGM2008 to 570 geodetic points (satellite-leveling points). Those and other studies are briefly described in this paper.


automatic postprocessing; combined geodetic network; empirical reduction of observations; empirical transformation on a grid

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