Earth crust deformation in Poland: modelling and its implication for positioning with satellite based geodetic techniques

Marcin Rajner


This paper gives the general overview of the effects which
continuously deform our planet. The main aim is to give the picture of the temporal and spatial range of this phenomena and to indicate their importance in high precision positioning with space geodetic techniques. We present here the ranges of magnitude and pattern of earth tides, ocean tidal loading, atmospheric radiation tides loading, polar motion and its
oceanic indirect effect, as well as the non-tidal ocean loading. We pay the special attention to loading effects due to atmosphere and continental water storage, which can cause significant changes in point position time series. Our study concentrate mainly on the territory of Poland. The Józefosław site was chosen as a representative example for the whole
country. We present also here the impact of selected phenomena for relative geodetic measurements.


geodynamics; Earth deformation; surface loading

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