Search for geodynamic signals in time series of astrometric observations

Jan Krynski, Yevgen M. Zanimonskiy


Since 1963 astronomical observations are conducted at Borowa Gora Geodetic-Geophysical Observatory of the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography with the use of transit instrument. Instrumental, technological and methodical improvements in acquiring and pre-processing of rotational time observations make the time series inconsistent over the whole period of operation of the instrument. The rotational time determined was initially referred to the FK5 catalogue system; starting from the data of 1986 it is also referred to the Hipparcos catalogue system. Data series from last almost 25 years is particularly valuable for the analysis. Complex spectral analysis of a long-standing rotational time data series from 1986.0-2010.6 was performed. A number of periodic terms were separated from the series investigated and the numerical model of the series has been formed.
The effects of beat observed in the numerical model were discussed. The existence of a distinguished weekly term in the data investigated has been observed. The results obtained were compared with the spectra of EOP from the analysis of IERS data.


astrometric observations; rotational time; local variation of the plumb line

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