Tropospheric delay from EPN reprocessing by WUT LAC as valuable data source - in comparison to operational EPN products and aerological data

Michał Kruczyk, Tomasz Liwosz


Standard EPN tropospheric products still show some discrepancies, prominent especially before GPS week 1400. It was one of the motives of massive reprocessing projects organised in the frame of both IGS and EPN. WUT LAC is one of Analysis Centers actively participating in EPN Reprocessing Campaign. Both operational tropospheric products and reprocessing campaign were manifold analysed. Properties of information carried in ZTD estimates were investigated both in ZTD solutions and in the form of IPW (Integrated Precipitable Water). Independent aerological
data sources - radiosounding and CIMEL-318 sunphotometer were used for external verification. Authors demonstrate some results convincingly demonstrating value of reprocessed tropospheric product. Tropospheric solutions from reprocessing compared to meteorological data demonstrate better conformity. Most important application of long series ZTD’s
of uniform quality is climatology. Search for climate change signal in IPW series is possible only with a reliable tropospheric solution. Reprocessing campaign results meet this requirement.


GPS; tropospheric delay; IPW; water vapour; sunphotometer

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