Adjustment of vertical crustal movement network on the basis of last three leveling campaigns in Poland

Kamil Kowalczyk, Jacek Rapinski


On the base of leveling data, three maps of vertical crustal
movements were developed (Wyrzykowski, 1971; Wyrzykowski, 1985a; Kowalczyk, 2006a). Also two maps of vertical crustal movements were created (Wyrzykowski 1990, Kowalczyk, Rapiński 2011). In the above mentioned elaborations, the vertical crustal movements were calculated
from two subsequent first order leveling campaigns. To include more data, results of all four leveling campaigns in Poland were accumulated and digitalized. One, unified database was developed on the basis of collected and unified data set of unadjusted observations (Kowalczyk, Bednarczyk, 2009; Kowalczyk, Bednarczyk, Kowalczyk, 2011). First trials
of common use of three first order leveling campaigns were performed in 2008 (Kowalczyk, 2008). Though the available leveling data was not complete. The goal of this paper is to describe a trial of common adjustment of relative vertical crustal movements on the basis of three first order leveling campaigns in Poland.

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