Time variations of the gravity field over Europe obtained from GRACE data

Grazyna Kloch-Glowka, Jan Krynski, Malgorzata Szelachowska


Time variations of the gravity field derived from time series
of geopotential model developed from GRACE data can be interpreted in terms of geoid heights, and mass time variations with unprecedented temporal resolution. Following the results of authors previous research presented at 2nd General Assembly of the IGFS, 20-22 September 2010,
Fairbanks, Alaska, the series of monthly solutions of geopotential models developed from GRACE data in JPL, filtered with the use of DKK1 filter, and GLDAS hydrological model were used in the analyses. Variations of hydrology as well as variations of geoid heights for the period August
2002 – June 2010 at the continental part of Europe and selected 14 subareas were estimated with spatial resolution of 0.5 0.5. Variations in mass distribution obtained from geopotential models were compared with the respective results obtained from hydrological data. Models of geoid height changes (parameters of trend and seasonal variations) were determined for the area of Europe and for 14 subareas. To verify models of geoid height changes, over the period July 2010 - October 2010 values of geoid height changes calculated using GRACE data were compared with values
based on the models developed.


geoid height variations; GRACE mission; geopotential models

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