Comparison of gravimetric excitation functions derived from equivalent water thickness, based on filtered GRACE data sets

Tomasz Nagalski


We can estimate the Equivalent Water Thickness (EWT) from
results of observations of the Earth gravity field from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) gravimetric mission. However the maps of EWT obtained from raw gravimetric data contain typical stripes. To eliminate these disturbances we need to filter the raw data to improve
the signal to noise ratio. The distribution of EWT obtained from the GRACE mission can be used to determine the gravimetric excitation function. In this paper it was investigated the filter influence on the EWT distribution
and the amplitude of the gravimetric excitation functions. We use the EWT data sets derived from Stokes coefficients made accessible and filtered by the International Centre for Global Earth Models (ICGEM). The data sets available on ICGEM website were imported from three research centers GFZ, JPL and CSR. The anisotropic filter, with three degrees of moothing DDK3, DDK2 and DDK1 is described in (Kusche et al., 2009).


gravimetric excitation function; EWT; GRACE

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