Determination of the SLR stations coordinates in 1994-2008

Stanisław Schillak


The paper presents results of the determination of SLR stations coordinates from the observations of LAGEOS-1 and LAGEOS-2 satellites for 5 years spans from 1994 until 2008. The computations of the station positions were performed by NASA Goddard’s GEODYN-II orbital program with a new models and parameters. The main purpose of this work is estimation of the SLR station position accuracy and its stability in the long time period. The accuracy is presented in the form of the station position stability, range biases and RMS of fit per station. The best results are for the span 1999-2003. In 2004-2008 the results show deterioration in the position accuracy of the several important stations. This effect can
be explained by smaller number of normal points for some stations and jumps in the vertical component.


satellite geodesy; satellite laser ranging; orbital analysis; station coordinates

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