Reprocessing of GPS and repeated absolute gravity measurements realized in Tatra mountains

Marcel Mojzes, Juraj Papco, Michal Mikolaj


Present global isostatic adjustment produced horizontal and vertical secular motion of the earth surface (Paulson et al., 2007). This process is frequently monitored by GNSS (Häkli and Koivula, 2010) and repeated absolute gravity measurements (Timmen et al., 2011). Determination of the small rates of the earth surface changes in some areas is still problematic. The accuracy of position determination from no
permanent GNSS measurement is 4-7 mm/5 days and permanent GNSS measurement is 2-3 mm/7 days. The accuracy of Absolute Gravity measurements are 1 μGal/16 hours. Integration of GNSS permanent and repeated gravity
measurements is one of the ways for detection of vertical movement of the earth surface. This philosophy was applied for detection of movements in the Tatra Mountains.

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