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Vol 97 (2014) Precision analysis of Trimble RTX surveying technology with xFill function in the context of obtained conversion observations Abstract   pdf
Robert Krzyżek
Vol 97 (2014) Preliminary unification of Kronsztadt86 local vertical datum with global vertical datum Abstract   pdf
Adam Łyszkowicz, Joanna Kuczyńska-Siehień, Monika Biryło
Vol 93 (2012) Problem of intraplate velocity determination for geokinematic interpretations Abstract   PDF
Janusz Bogusz, Mariusz Figurski
Vol 94 (2013) Professor Lazzarini’s concepts in displacement measurements and analysis still valid and inspiring Abstract   PDF
Witold Prószyński
Vol 102 (2016) Proposals for changes in surveying-legal procedures for the needs of cadastre in Poland Abstract   PDF
Monika Maria Mika
Vol 94 (2013) Prospects of metrological provision linear geodetic of measurements on the geodetic test field Abstract   PDF
I.S. Trevoho, I.M. Tsyupak
Vol 92 (2012) Quality Indicator for Ionospheric Biases Interpolation in the Network RTK Abstract   PDF
Dominik Próchniewicz, Janusz Walo
Vol 104 (2017) Real time search algorithm for observation outliers during monitoring engineering constructions Abstract   PDF
Dorota Latos, Bogdan Kolanowski, Wojciech Pachelski, Ryszard Sołoducha
Vol 103 (2017) Remote sensing to estimate saturation differences of chosen building materials using Terrestrial Laser Scanner Abstract   pdf
Czesław Suchocki, Jacek Katzer, Arkadiusz Panuś
Vol 95 (2013) Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics: A new step in the journal’s history Details   PDF
Marcin Barlik, Dariusz Gotlib
Vol 93 (2012) Reprocessing of GPS and repeated absolute gravity measurements realized in Tatra mountains Abstract   PDF
Marcel Mojzes, Juraj Papco, Michal Mikolaj
Vol 100 (2016): Special Issue: 25th Anniversary of the Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics Research and development work carried out by the Chair of Engineering Geodesy and Measurement and Control Systems, Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography WUT – thematic scope and achievements Abstract   PDF
Edward Nowak, Ryszard Malarski, Witold Prószyński, Alicja Sadowska, Marek Woźniak, Janina Zaczek-Peplinska
Vol 94 (2013) Rhumb-line sailing by computation Abstract   PDF
Wacław Morgaś, Zdzisław Kopacz
Vol 92 (2012) Search for geodynamic signals in time series of astrometric observations Abstract   PDF
Jan Krynski, Yevgen M. Zanimonskiy
Vol 100 (2016): Special Issue: 25th Anniversary of the Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics Short-term and long-term variability of antenna position due to thermal bending of pillar monument at permanent GNSS station Abstract   PDF
Lubomira Gerhatova, Jan Hefty, Peter Spanik
Vol 95 (2013) Spatial database modeling for indoor navigation systems Abstract   PDF
Dariusz Gotlib, Miłosz Gnat
Vol 97 (2014) Study of the effectiveness of different Kalman filtering methods and smoothers in object tracking based on simulation tests Abstract   pdf
Marcin Malinowski, Janusz Kwiecień
Vol 97 (2014) Study of vertical movements of the European crust using tide gauge and GNSS observations Abstract   pdf
Kornyliy Tretyak, Solomiya Dosyn
Vol 103 (2017) Survey of the urban bell in the belfry of St. Trinity Church in Krosno Abstract   pdf
Grzegorz Oleniacz, Izabela Skrzypczak, Lucjan Ślęczka, Tomasz Świętoń, Marta Rymar
Vol 93 (2012) Ten years of establishment of the satellite reference station system EUPOS in Central and Eastern Europe Abstract   PDF
Wiesław Graszka, Gerd Rosenthal, Janusz Śledziński
Vol 101 (2016) Testing impact of the strategy of VLBI data analysis on the estimation of Earth Orientation Parameters and station coordinates Abstract   PDF
Agata Wielgosz, Monika Tercjak, Aleksander Brzeziński
Vol 94 (2013) Testing of the relative precision in local network with use of the Trimble Geo XR GNSS receivers Abstract   PDF
Martin Štroner, Rudolf Urban, Jakub Královič
Vol 96 (2014) The attempt to use levelling rods for testing metric properties of surveying instruments, which are used for reflectorless distance measurements Abstract   PDF
Ewa Świerczyńska, Maria Kołakowska
Vol 92 (2012) The celestial reference system and its role in the epoch of global geodetic technologies Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Rogowski, Aleksander Brzeziński
Vol 102 (2016) The geodetic monitoring of the engineering structure - a practical solution of the problem in 3D space Abstract   PDF
Daria Filipiak-Kowszyk, Artur Janowski, Waldemar Kamiński, Karolina Makowska, Jakub Szulwic, Krzysztof Wilde
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